CATCOM E-News Letter 01-2003
220th Reconnaissance Airplane Company
Catkiller plaque
and Family,
and all Friends and Brothers in Arms
in memory of those who have served
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This was posted at a web site:

Trying to locate: Cat Killer 39 (radio call sign of Army Artillery Aerial Observer)

Branch of Service: Army

Unit was: don know - presume Army Artillery or aviation unit assigned to Artillery

Where served: Southern I Corps

When served: August 19, 1967

Message is: Looking for FAC who flew under call lsign of Cat Killer 39 on a mission on August 19, 1967, near the village on My Lai. On this mission Marine UH1E pilot Stephen Pless earned the Medal of Honor. The FAC Cat Killer 39 was on station during portions of this historic mission. I would like to interview him for an article that I am writing in relation to a project to create a commemorative sculpture and memorial to recognize Pless and his flight crew as well as the three Army personnel who died on the beach despite Pless's efforts to rescue.

Mark Byrd

13309 Peyton Drive

Dallas, TX 75240<br>

Or send email to:

Welcome to Robert Lewin (CatkillerMech), Bill Snyder (CatkillerMech), Darrell Harrison (CatkillerCC) [Crew Chief],  Gary Oamilda (CatkillerCC), Jack Bentley (Catkiller 16), and Ron Lamonds (Flight Line). The e-list used to send this list is the latest.
Looking for Steve Grass, Pete Blevins, Nelson Kunitake, Bob Arrington, and any other Catkillers not located (there aren't that many of us, you know!).
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To restate the specifics: 220th Reconnaissance Airplane Company REUNION
                         October 19, 20, 21, 2003
                        Palace Station Hotel & Casino
                        2411 West Sahara Ave
                        Las Vegas, NV 89102
                        (Reservations) 800-634-3101

Reunion 6 - Paul V. Brennan

Reunion 5 - John Hillman  (Executive in Charge)

Reunion 4 - Jerry Bonning (Logistics) Rooms, hotel, meeting rooms, banquet

Reunion 3 - Jerry DeGrezio (Operations; Keeper of the list, e-mail addresses, notifications, etc.)

Newsletter- Don Ricks (also maintains an e-list)

Golf One-Joe "Beans" Brett (Sundowner Yankee)

We have reserved a block of rooms under: "220th RECONNAISSANCE AIRPLANE COMPANY" (CATKILLERS). Please state this when you make your reservations. Cost of rooms: $69 per night. Paul has his room reserved, and you, too, can make reservations NOW! Contact Paul V. Brennan (Reunion 6) with questions, suggestions, and recommendations.
Johnny Moore inquired about the name of a Marine Corps artillery observer who apparently lost his life, when he took a round through his leg, while riding back seat with Leonard Bumgardner. The circumstances were heartbreaking, and Leonard made an heroic but unsuccessful effort to get the Bird Dog back to a suitable landing area before the AO lost his life blood. If you know the name of this observer, or can add specific details to better inform us (date of incident believed to be in mid 1969), please share your knowledge.

Quick response from Jack: "Regarding the AO killed in mid '69: His name was Michael S. Lafromboise, a Marine AO killed June 6, 1969. He had only 19 days left in country.. Len Bumgardner was the pilot and made a valiant and desperate effort to get the aircraft into Quang Tri (the most sophisticated medical treatment facility in the area). They took a 12.7 round through the bottom of the aircraft, which hit Mike in the right leg and wrist. The tail number of the aircraft was 742. My first mission on the DMZ with troops in contact, was with Mike in my back seat. I remember being in awe of his cool/calm demeanor and professionalism. Whenever you drew a mission with Mike, you knew it was going to be a good one....Jack Bentley [Catkiller 16]"

Now, does anyone know the whereabouts of Leonard Bumgardner? DMR

Searching the web for information about the Marine AO revealed by Jack, here is what I found:
Thanks to Scott Cummings for maintaining this site at: 
Don Ricks has a photo page that has a link to Scott's Catkiller Home Page: (contains a link to previously published newsletters and alerts)
In addition to what appears in this section of the CATCOM Alert [12-21-2002], Brown Cabell states "the date we furled the colors was December 1971 (not '72)." Thanks, Brown, and now if we had the "official" activation date.... Perhaps General Curry knows this date?
There is a text file now in the initial stages to gather and organize as much information about those who have fallen or are missing, including anyone who has died after returning from Vietnam.  If you have an official citation, announcement, or personal knowledge to help in the development of this document, please send it along.
Seeking to establish those who were members of the unit, for historical purposes, from official sources, if possible. Anyone with orders, lists, etc., from official documents, please scan them or send them to me. I'll provide my address upon request.
From Jim Hooper: Still searching for any clue to whereabouts of Lieutenant Bill Norton. [Please check your old orders, letters, awards, plaques, etc., to locate any mention of this officer in official documents. If you recall where he was from in the States or where he went to school, please let Jim know. This is the last time we will publish this notice. LT Norton's photo is at Don Ricks' photo page (link above). DMR]
The graphic used at the top of this page would help make a personal calling card look great. It might also be a starting idea for or name tags, etc.,for use at the reunion. Anyone computer oriented and desiring to tackle the job of coming up with something interesting feel free to use the graphic.
We hope all had a safe and enjoyable holiday. From all indications, this is going to be a good year for a reunion; our contact list has grown, and plans are moving along towards our gathering in Las Vegas. Thanks for all the enthusiasm and support!
Paul V. Brennan                                                                               Donald M. Ricks
Reunion 6                                                                                         CATCOM EdPub
Atlanta, Georgia                                                                               Pleasant View, Tennessee

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