CATCOM E-News Letter 04-2003
220th Reconnaissance Airplane Company
Catkiller plaque
and Family,
and all Friends
and Brothers in Arms,
in memory of those who have served


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This information submitted by Charles R. Welsh (, former member of the original 220th:


The latest e-mail listing, Catkiller Group Mailing List, is available in text format, if needed. E-mail CATCOM EdPub or Bob McComiskie for a copy. His latest list [CatkillerList2.xls] came out a few days ago. Bob states that Mark Duenow hasn't responded to e-mail in a long time. Does anyone know Mark's current e-mail address or how we can contact him?

Welcome to the list Chuck Goodrum, Charlie Welsh, John Holihan, Willis Blades, and Randy Jones.

Here is a note from John Holihan:

"Hello Don,
Dong Ha in 1967 was a very long time ago. I think my call sign was "catkiller 31" but am no longer sure. Too many heart attacks and other health problems. Memory not what it once was... then again, neither is anything else. Glad to have found this group. Never knew you existed. Reading through the guest book has brought back many memories. Serna and Wisenthal were in my flight school class, WOFWAC 65-9...."


To restate the specifics: 220th Reconnaissance Airplane Company REUNION




We have reserved a block of rooms under: "220th RECONNAISSANCE AIRPLANE COMPANY" (CATKILLERS). Please state this when you make your reservations. Cost of rooms: $69 per night. You can make reservations now. Contact Paul V. Brennan (Reunion 6) with questions, suggestions, and recommendations.


Some members of the planning committee are meeting at Las Vegas in June, as an advanced party to gather information and make necessary arrangements, and anyone who wants to come is invited.  The dates are June 6-8, at the Palace Station Hotel. If you plan to attend and want reservations, just mention the Catkiller Reunion and seek the same room deal we have in October. For further information, contact Jerry DeGrezio, Jerry Bonning, John Hillman, or Paul Brennan.


Thanks to Scott Cummings for maintaining this site at:

Photo (contains a link to previously published newsletters and alerts).


While this is the last paragraph in this newsletter, its subject certainly stands out as foremost in our thoughts and concerns these past few weeks. As indicators of your intense interest in our troops, many of you have passed around comments, photos, and news articles, most of which contained an appropriate call for prayer for our most excellent military force. Our soldiers are amazing, and their training and equipment continues to tell us that our national investment in those areas has produced unparalleled results. There has never been a better fighting force, and as veterans we recognize with pride and thanksgiving that this fact is saving lives. Our hats are off, and our hands are over our hearts in awe of those brave men and women. For those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, we honor their place in history. Our leaders, from the president on down to the squad level, exemplify the American spirit in this war, and we cheer such acts as the rescue of Jessica Lynch, the success of BG Brooks in his daily briefings, and the manner in which even the private and corporal respond not only to the combat situation, but also to questions posed by imbedded combat media representatives. Across the board there are documented instances of their bold and heroic conduct, as well as combat action. God bless our nation and those who keep us free.

Paul V. Brennan                                                                              Donald M. Ricks
Reunion 6                                                                                        CATCOM EdPub
Atlanta, Georgia                                                                              Spring Hill, Tennessee

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