Catkillers patch, 1966

14th Combat Aviation Battalion, (West of Qui Nhon in the Phu Tai Valley):

  • 1965 MAJ Ronald J. Rogers [name confirmed by a Letter of Commendation to SP4 Harry I. Kee from MAJ Ronald J. Rogers, and the 18th Aviation Co. web site.] 14th Avn Bn worked out of Lane Army Heliport. To land a Birddog near the HQ we had to have prior permission for the Republic of Korea (ROK) Division(s) PSP strip nearby — otherwise we had to land at Qui Nhon and be trucked to the 14th.
On 15 February 1966 before assembled elements of all units of the 14th Aviation Battalion, Lt Col Joseph P. Smith relinquished the Battalion colors to Major Ronald J. Rogers. In a following ceremony (L to R) Maj. Paul Walker, Maj. Ron J. Rogers and Maj. Russ Edwards, change of command ceremony,18th Aviation Company

  • 23 May 1966: LTC Samuel P. ‘Black Sam’ Kalagian (until command restructuring on 4 September 1966:

Declassified document: “23 May 1966, Lt Col Samuel G. Kalagin [sic], Infantry, assumed command of the 14th Combat Aviation Battalion from Major Ronald J. Rogers.”

The Tuscaloosa News, 8 May 2002, page 2B, Obituaries, extract, COL Samuel P. Kalagian    COL Samuel P. 'Black Sam' Kalagian

223rd Combat Aviation Battalion (Nha Trang, Operational from 4 September 1966 —16 April 1971):

223rd Combat Aviation Battalion crest

  • 1966: LTC William K. Gearan
  • 1967: LTC John H. Richardson (until command restructuring on 19 August 1967):
LTC John H. Richardson, Commander, 223rd Combat Aviation Battalion

212th Combat Aviation Battalion (Combat Support Aviation Battalion) (Da Nang) (became operational on 19 August 1967):

212th Combat Aviation Battalion crest

  • 1967-68: LTC Thorveld R. Torgersen
  • 1968: LTC Bernard “Bernie” Bruns
LTC Bernard (Bernie) Bruns, 212th Combat Aviation Battalion

  • 1969: LTC Jack Mullen:
LTC Jack Mullen, 212th Combat Aviation Battalion

  • 1970:
  • 1971: LTC C. A. Wilson (see photo below, taken at the Change of Command to CPT Sapp in March 1971.)

    VNIT-902 212th Aviation Battalion (Combat): Interview with LTC C.A. Wilson, Commander, 212th Combat Aviation Battalion. Discusses problems and accomplishments, including LAM SON 719, drug problems, helicopter survivability.

    212th Combat Aviation Battalion commander, 1971

  • 1971: LTC John Albert Lovett (Colonel, Retired):
LTC John A. Lovett, 212th Combat Aviation Battalion

Catkillers patch, 1971

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with assistance by the Editor, Don Ricks.