220th Wounded in Action (WIA)
as noted in Unit History Files

[Does not include KIA / MIA]

The award of the Purple Heart is but a small token of appreciation to those who gave a bit more in their service to our Country. There is much to be said in the statement that: “All gave some; some gave more; some gave all.”

The Purple Heart is a United States military decoration awarded in the name of the President to those who have been wounded or killed while serving on or after April 5, 1917 with the U.S. military
24 March 1966
220th Aviation Company Wounded In Action
10 September 1965 CPT Mike Pepe (Shot down) 3rd Platoon, Da Nang (Evacuated to CONUS, no details)
20 October 1965 CPT Darl MCAllister 3rd Platoon, Da Nang
29 October 1965 CPT Tom Murray 3rd Platoon, Da Nang
6 November 1965 1LT Jim Morris 3rd Platoon, Da Nang
30 January 1966 CPT Dave Rogers 2nd Platoon, Hue
21 March 1966 CPT Ulysses Harrison 1st Platoon, Quang Ngai
(Evacuated to Marine Hospital, Chu Lai)
24 March 1966 1LT David Watson 1st Platoon, Quang Ngai
15 May 1966 CWO Ron Santos 3rd Platoon, Da Nang
13 June 1966 WO1 Don Medley 3rd Platoon, Da Nang
8 January 1967 1LT Ivon “Ike” Borgen 2nd Platoon, Hue (Evacuated)
8 January 1967 Capt. Charlie Goode, USMC AO, Sacred Romeo, 3rdMarDiv; wounded with 1LT Borgen
5 March 1967 CPT Cal Boyles 1st Platoon, Quang Ngai
3 July 1967 SP5 Lloyd R. Oake Combat action; during evac of 4th Platoon at Dong Ha
13 July 1967 CPT Aubrey Lockett 1st Platoon, Quang Ngai (in Hue City)
NOTE: Information that is available indicates that these next eight officers were in a location that came under a grenade attack.
  CPT Theron Arrington 2nd Platoon, Hue
  1LT John Billings 2nd Platoon, Hue
  1LT Walter Hair 2nd Platoon, Hue (Evacuated)
  CWO Bobbie Johnson 2nd Platoon, Hue (Evacuated)
  CPT Dennis O´Connor 2nd Platoon, Hue
  CWO Ernie Serna 2nd Platoon, Hue
  MAJ Dick Tobiason 2nd Platoon, Hue (Evacuated)
30 August 1967 1LT Hardy Bogue 1st Platoon, Quang Ngai
27 September 1967 CPT Lloyd H. Morgan Headquarters – Action near Phu Bai (Evacuated)
25 Feb 1968 CPT John “Rik” Billings Posted as a note at the bottom of the Catkiller Roster by Ray Caryl and date-specific in Don Pepe's journal. Not noted in the Unit History Files
27 June 1968 SP Joe Estes 3rd Platoon, Da Nang (Rocket attack on billets)
  SFC Edgar Wells 3rd Platoon, Da Nang, at Marble Mountain
NOTE: Both of these soldiers were wounded as the result of a rocket attack which hit the billets at Marble Mountain.
25 March 1969 CPT Bill Hooper 1st Platoon, Dong Ha (Evacuated)
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