CATCOM E-News Letter 12-2002
220th Reconnaissance Airplane Company
Catkiller plaque
and Family,
and all Friends and Brothers in Arms
in memory of those who have served
This following topic originated with a question from Charlie Finch and culminated with a formal suggestion by John Hillman.
Beginning this month, and every month afterwards, you should receive a Catkiller Communications Center (CATCOM) E-News Letter. The numbering system will be simple, such as 12-2002, meaning the month and year. The mailing list used for this purpose will be the Catkiller Group List and shall represent the most up to date list, as of that month.
CATCOM ALERT, a one-time special announcement or immediate call for help, sent to the list, will be issued when necessary.
Contest: Anyone with a suggestion for a name, please submit your idea. I'll ask Charlie and John to pick the winner. E-News Letter name should begin with CATCOM (followed by the name and the month-year).
The purpose of this letter is to keep us informed about one another, facilitate the gathering and sharing of information, and planning for events. A major focus from now and during early 2003 will be to establish contact with former members and promote the reunion. Thanks to all for being a part of this effort.
A copy of each monthly CATCOM E-News Letter will be available on the internet, the URL included at the top of each first page (just click on the blue, underlined CATCON edition name). Generally, the htm file will be at the following web site (file will change monthly, ie. catcom01-2003.htm for January): www.catkillers.orgcatcom12-2002.htm
Editor and Publisher is known as CATCOM EdPub, which is me, until properly relieved from duty.
In addition to the e-letter, I will make an effort to send, via normal USPS mail, a copy of the letter to those who are not online. I received the following e-mail from Johnny Moore suggesting such a mailing. Thanks, Johnny. Jim will have a copy of this in tomorrow's mail. If you know of someone who would appreciate a copy, please let me know.
"If you do a mail out RE: Reunion, please send a packet to Jim Turnbow. Jim Turnbow was in Tech Supply with SSG Ken Miller in 68-69. He and I joined the army together.. He isn't online, so can't receive email [I enclose this address in case some might want to write. DMR].
Jim Turnbow
PO Box 171
Leachville, AR. 72438"
Regarding the content of CATCOM E-News Letter: those of you who have something to post to the list, just send your input to me, CATCOM EdPub, at any time before the 10th of the next month. E-News Letters will be sent each month, not later than that date.
Let me know if you cannot receive HTML format e-mail, and I will adjust your address to receive text only.
These e-mail addresses were checked for bounce. Updates would be helpful:
1.    Bob Cortner  Catkiller 13/28 reported in, born in Bell Buckle, Tenn., and living in Huntsville, Ala., with wife, Elain.
2.    Harold Vail  Recipient:  Reason: Not found in directory
3.    Jack Bently  Recipient: <>  Reason: ... User unknown
4.    Johnny Moore  As you see in the message above, Johnny is now on the list and lives in Tacoma, WA.
5.    Phil Lowentritt  Recipient: <>  Reason: ... User unknown
6.    James Gaunt  Catkiller 17,  1971. Alive and well and living in Nairobi, Kenya. More to follow upon his approval. On the e-mal list.
7.    Cleve McDonald  [no response but still hopeful]
Regarding personal information, like addresses, phone numbers, etc., I will retain this information in my files but will not reveal such information without your permission. If you have a need for such information, please contact me or the specific person on the list.
The latest e-mail listing, Catkiller Group Mailing List, is available in text format, if needed. E-mail CATCOM EdPub for a copy.
To restate the specifics: 220th Reconnaissance Airplane Company REUNION
                         October 19, 20, 21, 2003
                        Palace Station Hotel & Casino
                        2411 West Sahara Ave
                        Las Vegas, NV 89102
                        (Reservations) 800-634-3101
We have reserved a block of rooms under: "220th RECONNAISSANCE AIRPLANE COMPANY" (CATKILLERS). Please state this when you make your reservations. Cost of rooms: $69 per night.
Scott Cummings maintains this site at: 
Don Ricks has a photo page, temporarily, that has a link to Scott's web site. When he has time and room, this one needs to be transferred to Scott's site:
The CATCOM newsletter will remain at the geocities site.
So far, Don Pepe and Don Ricks have indicated a preference to ride their motorcycles out to Las Vegas. Still in the planning stage, Pepe leaving from Jacksonville and Ricks from Nashville, to meet up somewhere along the way. Anyone else feel like an adventure, e-mail Don Ricks.
There is a text file now in the initial stages to gather and organize as much information about those of us who have fallen or are missing, including anyone who has died after returning from Vietnam.  If you have an official citation, announcement, or personal knowledge to help in the development of this document, please send it along.
I also expect to keep an ongoing record of e-mail traffic in a Word for Windows or text file, for historical purposes. Any other suggestions are welcome.
Searching the Internet, I located this call for contact:
Trying to locate: Friends of Major Donald Lee Harrison
Branch of Service: Army
Unit was: 220th R.A.C.
Where served: Vietnam
When served: May 6,1968 thru Oct 29, 1968

Message is: Major Donald Lee Harrison is my brother. In 1968 (Oct.29) he was shot down in Vietnam just north of the DMZ while flying an O1 birddog recon aircraft. I am interested in talking to any of his friends or acquaintances from Vietnam. There is mention in correspodance that I have that he was a member of the DMZ platoon.
Please contact: Steve Harrison
Mailing address: 1212 W. Cleburne Rd.
City, State, Zip: Crowley, Texas 76036
Or send email to
Steve Harrison using this automatic email form" [the e-mail address bounced. DMR]

A copy of this news letter will be sent to Steve. To find out more about Lee's case, visit the following URL:
Seeking to establish those who were members of the unit, for historical purposes, from official sources, if possible. Anyone with orders, lists, etc., from official documents, please scan them or send them to me. I'll provide my address upon request.
Till next month, if not sooner,
Donald M. Ricks
Pleasant View, TN

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